Rückblick | AIT-Award Lecture mit KAAN Architecten

Im Rahmen der Schau "AIT-Award - Die Ausstellung" freuen wir uns darauf, am Mittwoch, den 16. Mai 2018 um 19:00 Uhr den renommierten Architekten Kees Kaan, KAAN Architecten (NL-Rotterdam) zu seiner Lecture im AIT-ArchitekturSalon München zu begrüßen.

In seinem Werkvortrag wird er u.a. das 2016 fertig gestellte Supreme Court of the Netherlands in Den Haag vorstellen, das mit dem AIT-Award in der Kategorie Office / Administrations ausgezeichnet wurde.

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KAAN Architecten

KAAN Architecten is a Rotterdam based architectural firm operating in a global context and merging practical and academic expertise within the fields of architecture, urbanism and research on the built environment.
The studio, led by Kees Kaan, Vincent Panhuysen and Dikkie Scipio, consists of an international team of architects, landscape architects, urban planners, engineers and graphic designers. KAAN Architecten believes in cross-pollination between projects and disciplines as an essential tool to fostering a critical debate within the studio.
Since the launch of the firm, KAAN Architecten has handled and supervised a wide range of projects, actively working with the private and the public sector, with project teams that become increasingly multidisciplinary and dynamic. KAAN Architecten maintains a culture of constant evolution, which is essential in a profession that changes at a rapid pace. KAAN Architecten seeks to uphold long-term relationships with its clients, consultants and partners.
KAAN Architecten’s projects transcend the traditional notion of scale and typology, ranging from furniture and interiors to urban development and from retail and offices to museums and buildings for health and education.
In 2015 KAAN Architecten do Brazil starts to operate in São Paulo. Since then this local branch, led by Renata Gilio, works on Brazilian projects in direct collaboration with the Dutch headquarters.

Kees Kaan, Vincent Panhuysen and Dikkie Scipio founded KAAN Architecten in 2014. From 1988 until 2013, Kees Kaan was the founding partner of Claus en Kaan Architecten. Kaan graduated at the Faculty of Architecture TU Delft in 1987. Since 2006 he has been professor of Architectural Design at TU Delft and initiator of the Complex Projects Chair, launched in 2012. The Research Chair’s area of interest is the large-scale projects that characterize this era of rapid global urbanization. Kaan is an international lecturer and sits on various juries and boards, both in the Netherlands and abroad. Numerous books and exhibitions have been dedicated to his body of work.

KAAN Architecten, Supreme Court of the Netherlands, Main facade on Korte Voorhout | Foto: Fernando Guerra


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